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ECM and Content Services in the Cloud

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems are costly to deploy. They also require significant maintenance and upgrade costs. VASTEC has solved that problem with VASTEC ON DEMAND cloud data record storage!

Our clients now have the ability to access their electronic content from our ultra-secure environment that we manage for them when they use our ECM record storage system for government and business agencies. If they choose, VASTEC can scan their critical vital records for them in one of our highly secure conversion centers or we can deploy teams on-site. VASTEC ON DEMAND is an advanced business and government ECM record storage repository that goes live quickly when you don’t have time to wait. The traditional method of deploying ECM on-site is a “heavy lift” that may take months to prepare and plan for and based on the application, could take a team of people to monitor and maintain. Also, many ECM and cloud data solutions for the government and businesses are being acquired as the industry consolidates, making it difficult to choose.

VASTEC ON DEMAND guaranties flexibility, security, and expandability. You never have to worry about too many users or too many documents in our SaaS repository. It grows as you grow and adapts to your requirements.

VASTEC ON DEMAND in the Cloud for ECM and government document management takes the pain out of going digital and is ready to capture, preserve,manage, and deliver vital records and information within the governance framework used by many federal, state, and commercial clients. Risk is eliminated and legal requirements are met immediately with built in disaster recovery for your most valuable information.

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VASTEC continues to innovate with accessibility platforms that are ready to take on any volume of documents, scanned microform, and print streams, and safely manage the information through its legal retention periods in accordance with HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, NARA, and other Government standards. Best of all; VASTEC ON DEMAND is available in a cost-effective affordable package that can quickly make your knowledge workers more productive and securely manage and improve data exchange and collaboration among user groups. Contact us for a no-cost analysis.

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