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VASTEC helps companies to be both more efficient and more effective.

This effectiveness and efficiency is a powerful combination for both large and small organizations. Our culture and the attitude of our employees are to listen with care to our clients’ problems and objectives. We then work with our clients to devise an optimal set of solutions.

We have experience with multiple industries. We devise solutions that are based on our knowledge and experience from multiple perspectives. For many industries, “groupthink” is common. Analyzing and understanding best practices is often based on a single industry. This groupthink approach can limit creative thinking and problem-solving capabilities. Our approach with our clients is a custom solution, designed and implemented just for them with knowledge and experience coming from multiple sources. Experience counts!

VASTEC has earned a reputation for quality of service with all of our online cloud storage systems and digital document conversion for the government and businesses.

VASTEC was founded in 2006. Our mission is to:

  • Provide quality products and services.
  • To leverage the experience and skill we have accumulated.
  • Ensure accurate and timely delivery to our clients.
  • Maintain a secure environment where client-sensitive data is protected at the highest level.
  • We can work with clients remotely and at your location.

Contract Vehicles

In addition to direct business-to-customer transactions, VASTEC products and services are also available through GSA Schedule 36, NTIS, and a wide array of contract vehicles listed below:

  • FDIC – IT Services
  • Chief Information Office – Solutions and Partners 3 (CIO-SP3)
  • VA T4 – Unrestricted (via CACI)
  • VA USPTO, SDI-NG Large (via SAIC)
  • US SOCOM – SITEC Applications Management (via SRA)

VASTEC is a proud member of the SES team

VASTEC is part of Salem Enterprise Solutions. a group of profit and non-profit organizations. We are united in a collective mission to improve the quality of life, find solutions to worldwide problems, and work with partners to enact objectives in each organization’s area of expertise.

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