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Paper Documents to Digital Documents

Your documents are important to you and your organization

Many organizations have essential documents in a paper format. We often hear about needing a paper trail, but with paper documents come numerous problems.

Your documents are essential to your organization. But physical paper documents take up valuable storage space. Moreover, document retrieval is difficult—the difficulties in the retrieval result in a higher cost than if your document management system was digital. A digital storage system is inherently easy to search and time saving.

VASTEC provides business and government document scanning and digitization services, decreasing storage costs and increasing accessibility.

  • Information is searchable, easy to find and share
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Greater data security and recoverable information
  • Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

Reasons for considering a digital solution

Imagine the following scenarios which can put your paper documents and business at risk.

Catastrophic Events

It is important to be properly prepared for catastrophic events. They may be rare but when they do happen you will be glad that you took precautionary measures. Imagine if you have to deal with a flood, fire or the damage associated with the suppression of a fire. This will be difficult and if your documents are not affected by a catastrophic event then this is one fewer thing you will have to worry about.


If a paper document is lost, misplaced, or stolen, the impact on your business can be widespread. Think of a large library. Take any book off the shelf and place it on any other shelf in the library. This book is still present but effectively lost. It is no longer accessible.

If paper documents are mismanaged, then you may lose important information related to: customers, historical financial records, regulatory of compliance and legal contracts and agreements.


Proper disposal of paper documents at the end of their usefulness is vital. Paper shredding is critical to the prevention of identity theft and business fraud.

If your paper documents are scanned and stored in a central location, your office can become paperless. Your organization will be organized, and the floor space now dedicated to paper document storage will no longer be needed. Moving to a digital system will save your organization both time and money.

Benefits of Moving from a Paper to a Digital Solution

Look at some of the benefits of document scanning and storing data electronically and imagine all the efficiencies you could gain:

Increase Flexibility and Collaboration

A digital document management system results in greater flexibility. This added flexibility supports the ability to collaborate. Your team members can review, update, track, and share documents seamlessly. Consider remote workers. Your team will be able to work efficiently and effectively from a remote location. Your team members will be able to access all the documents they need to perform their jobs without having to be in the same office — or in the office at all.

Greater Document Security

Electronic data storage is inherently more secure. You can password-protect files, track who is viewing what when, and control layers of access. It is much harder to keep paper documents safe and to monitor who is reviewing them.

Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiencies

If you are now storing paper documents, then you may also be leasing office space to do this. There is a cost to physical document storage. There is a clear opportunity to reduce the space needed to store physical paper documents.

How much could you save if you no longer needed to print and deliver paper documents? With electronic file storage, you benefit from cost savings and reduce the amount of time and resources spent getting a document from one place to another.

Experience Simpler Document Management

In the business world, there is a clear advantage to making things simpler. A business also wants to be consistent, and consistency is hard to implement in a paper world. With electronic documents, you can quickly introduce new formats and workflows. These workflows are built into the digital document management system and ensure consistency and reduce the chance of human error.

Increase Productivity

Imagine how much time your team spends looking for documents, scanning documents, copying, and sharing paper documents. With a digital system, your team will no longer need to spend countless hours with these tasks. One of the best benefits of storing documents in a digital format is eliminating non-fulfilling, repetitive, thankless administrative tasks.

Free up time and increase your team’s motivation by allowing them to focus on larger, meaningful projects which mesh with the priorities of your organization.

Conclusion: Stop using paper as the core of your document management system. Paper is on its way out of the business ecosystem.

Key Steps to Move from a Paper to a Digital Solution


Ensure employees have the right tools to create, edit, sign, and collaborate on documents with colleagues.


Enlist expert advice and develop a well-researched and well-designed plan to convert from paper to digital.


Review and gain insights from both the paper system and the new digital system. Make sure that these people feel that they have contributed to the plan and accept the plan.

Please do not allow your organization to be on the wrong side of the curve when it comes to digitizing documents and your document management. Look for opportunities to move from paper to digital and opportunities for automation. Make it a priority to digitize documents and their management. To move from paper documents to a digital equivalent will result in significant security and productivity increases.

Note also that an added benefit for our society is that the digitization of paper documents is much more earth-friendly and sustainable. A better situation for our collective future is to not print out paper versions of documents. Seek ways to reduce or even eliminate paper in your work environment as this helps us all.

How Vastec Can Help

VASTEC can help you in significant ways to transform from a paper-based document management system to a digital system. Our approach will help in the following ways:

  • Your information will become searchable, easy to find, and share
  • You will realize improves operational efficiencies
  • You will reduce the cost of document storage
  • The security of your documents will be significantly higher
  • Your return on investment will pay for your transition from paper to digital

Scanning & Digitization Services

Vastec’s Scanning Process Includes:

  • Unique identification and electronic tracking of all material throughout processing
  • Preparation, Scanning and Reassembly
  • Paper Documents, Microfiche, Film, Slides, Maps, Photos, Books, X-Rays & more!
  • Image Correction and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Indexing and Metadata Entry
  • Quality Assurance and Text Verification
  • Secure Encrypted Internal Production Storage
  • Secure Document Disposal Destruction

Intake of Source Documents:

  • Strict Chain of Custody Protocols
  • Manifest preparation for each file received
  • Bar coding and asset management inventory and tracking system utilized
  • Immediate emergency return service available
  • Any file can be located at any point in the process

Secure Internal Production Storage

  • Physical files stored in highly secure alarmed facilities
  • Fire sprinkler equipped storage
  • Limited access to essential personnel only

Document Scanning:

  • Sizes up to 44″ wide
  • Black and white, gray scale and color
  • Bi-tonal to standard 300 dpi and higher upon request
  • Image clean up to include de-skewing, cropping, noise reduction, blank page removal
  • Image output to any PC format (Searchable PDF, TIFF, etc.)

Post Scan Quality Control and Indexing:

  • Quality review
  • Verify document order and file names
  • Bi-tonal to standard 300 dpi and higher upon request
  • Verify document orientation and overall document quality and legibility
  • Index fields created
  • Allows for full and accurate search access for any word on any document
  • Highly effective for legal, research, compliance or historical files

Post Quality Control and Assurance Testing:

  • Quality review
  • Verify document order and file names

Document Disposal:

  • Document shredding
  • Document destruction to DIN level 3 standards
  • Certification of destruction

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