Your documents are important to you and your organization. But physical documents take up valuable storage space, information is often difficult to find, and the result is costly to your enterprise. Vastec provides business and government document scanning and digitization services, decreasing storage costs and increasing accessibility.


  • Information is searchable, easy to find and share
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce storage costs
  • Greater data security, recoverable information
  • Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

Most importantly, VASTEC’s high level of attention to Federal Government security protocol provides you with the assurance your information is always secure after digitization. VASTEC maintains all required certifications consistent with business and government document processing best practices. Our scanning processing, procedures, and security controls have been audited to DoD standards established by FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act).

VASTEC’s Scanning Process Includes:

  • Unique identification and electronic tracking of all material throughout processing
  • Preparation, Scanning and Reassembly
  • Paper Documents, Microfiche, Film, Slides, Maps, Photos, Books, X-Rays & more!
  • Image Correction and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Indexing and Metadata Entry
  • Quality Assurance and Text Verification
  • Secure Encrypted Internal Production Storage
  • Secure Document Disposal Destruction

Intake of Source Documents:

  • Strict Chain of Custody Protocols
  • Manifest preparation for each file received
  • Bar coding and asset management inventory and tracking system utilized
  • Immediate emergency return service available
  • Any file can be located at any point in the process

Secure Internal Production Storage:

  • Physical files stored in highly secure alarmed facilities
  • Fire sprinkler equipped storage
  • Limited access to essential personnel only

Document Scanning:

  • Sizes up to 44″ wide
  • Black and white, gray scale and color
  • Bi-tonal to standard 300 dpi and higher upon request
  • Image clean up to include de-skewing, cropping, noise reduction, blank page removal
  • Image output to any PC format (Searchable PDF, TIFF, etc.)

Post Scan Quality Control and Indexing:

  • Quality review
  • Verify document order and file names
  • Bi-tonal to standard 300 dpi and higher upon request
  • Verify document orientation and overall document quality and legibility
  • Index fields created
  • Allows for full and accurate search access for any word on any document
  • Highly effective for legal, research, compliance or historical files

Final Quality Control and Assurance Testing:

  • Quality review
  • Verify document order and file names

Document Disposal:

  • Document shredding
  • Document destruction to DIN level 3 standards
  • Certification of destruction