VASTEC’s high level of attention to Department of Defense and Federal security protocol provides you with the assurance that sensitive and classified information is always secure. That’s one reason why so many government agencies have chosen VASTEC for their information.

Facilities and Data Security: VASTEC maintains all required facility security clearances to process material classified as CONFIDENTIAL and SECRET and our processes, policies and procedures are in place to follow FISMA (Federal Information Security Management Act) standards. VASTEC’s production network is isolated from the Internet, preventing viruses from invading the production network and ensuring a secure data environment.

Qualified and Cleared Personnel: The VASTEC team has the necessary experience, knowledge, capability, and dedication necessary to serve at the highest levels of government. All personnel undergo background checks, receive formal Privacy and Security training for handling sensitive documents, work in closed electronic networks and are monitored via security measures. Policies and procedures to safeguard against any mishandling of PHI, PII or other sensitive information have been implemented. Personnel have been cleared to Federal levels up to and including TOP SECRET.

Federal Government Customers:

Department of Commerce (DoC)

  • National Technical Information Service (NTIS)
  • U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO)

General Services Administration (GSA)

Department of Treasury

Social Security Administration (SSA)

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

  • Construction & Facilities Management
  • Veterans Benefits Administration

Health & Human Services (HHS)

  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Government Printing Office (GPO)

  • Document Automation & Production Service (DAPS)
  • IRS Alternative Media Center

Department of Defense (DoD)

  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)
  • U.S. Army Physical Disability Agency (PDA)
  • Office of Surgeon General
  • Joint Health Service Agency, PASBA
  • Army Review Board Agency (ARBA)
  • North Atlantic Regional Contracting Office (NARCO)
  • Joint Task Force National Capital Region Medical (JTF CapMed)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

Department of Transportation (DOT)

  • Maritime Administration (MARAD)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

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