Data Conversion

Your records are a treasure trove of valuable information. But much of its usefulness is locked away without the key necessary to release the full value of that knowledge. Standard physical media and common computer formats make search and retrieval troublesome and time consuming. Records from multiple institutions compound this difficulty, through lack of common formatting. In these situations the information’s potential is significantly limited, because records are inaccessible and unusable.

VASTEC has the key to your treasure. Through information transformation, VASTEC unlocks the full power of stored knowledge, increasing access and capabilities. Now this liberated information can be readily accessed, shared, adjusted and updated by your team, saving time and money while improving efficiencies. VASTEC's XML data conversion is the industry’s most effective and economical way to convert these records into a customized knowledge base making your data instantly searchable, retrievable and useable, as well as fully secure.

VASTEC Data Conversion services:

  • OCR and Forms Recognition of Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Converts scans to text searchable PDF formats
  • Automated or assisted parsing of metadata (data mining)
  • Provides accessibility to your records and data
  • Unlocks and makes accessible the hidden treasure of your documents
  • Industry standard PDF, XML, XMP, CSV and custom formats

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is an industry-wide standard for access, display, and storage of data. VASTEC’s proprietary XML transformation processes prove an economical means to convert stored knowledge into digital data that is significantly more usable and fully secure.

How VASTEC’s XML Data Transformation Works:

XML conversion goes far beyond scanning and indexing of physical records. VASTEC’s proprietary technology converts and tags static data, such as may be stored in PDF and TIFF formats, into the universally compatible XML. In this format, identification tags allow for all or a portion of the content to be retrieved quickly.

VASTEC’s XML Conversion also provides a platform for assembling or compiling shared information and content between multiple sources, systems and formats into a single record. Common “tags” or intent in multiple systems pulls the information together without actually having data permanently transferred or exported. This ease of efficiency leverages information sharing without relinquishing control of the records.

VASTEC provides affordable, accessible, and innovative solutions that maximize the power of your information.

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