Richard Salem is being recognized for his hard work and dedication in improving employment opportunities and designing accessible and assistive technologies for disabled veterans and people  living with life altering disabilities. Believing that “good things happen when people have jobs” he  founded Enable America, which provides unwavering support to wounded warriors and disabled  veterans in their transition to civilian society. Richard exemplifies commitment to breaking down barriers for people with disabilities.

For millions of Americans with disabilities, gainful employment remains out of reach. Enable America  provides programs such as Community Connections, Employee Mentoring Programs, Business Connections, and VetConnect to help raise awareness and increase employment opportunities for the millions of Americans with disabilities and our Veterans. Richard is a voice for those Veteran’s  and people with disabilities, regularly meeting With legislative leaders and government agencies to update them on the needs of those he continuously serves. On the 10th Anniversary of Enable  America, Congressman C.W. Bill Young (R-Florida) read a proclamation on the floor of the 112th  Congress, “I rise today to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of Enable America, a first of its kind  organization entirely dedicated to reducing unemployment among people with disabilities. This organization has assisted countless people with disabilities in finding a job and the belief that ‘good things happen when people have jobs’ underpins their efforts.”

In parallel with Enable America, VASTEC and Able Force provide accessible technology to assist  those living with disabilities and create greater access to information. Able Force is an AbilityOne  organization committed to promoting, enhancing and facilitating the employment of PWD. These  organizations currently provide remediated accessible notes for the Social Security Administration  (SSA), as well as many other U.S. federal agencies, to those beneficiaries receive important updates  that would otherwise be missed if not made compliant with Section 508 of the American with Disabilities Act.

John D. Kemp, co-founder of the American Association of People with Disabilities, has said that  “Richard Salem brings new and exciting ideas for political participation and active civic involvement  to our diverse and, oftentimes fragmented disability community. Richard is no oversight sensation,  simply looking at this career, his life, shows us all what major contributions he’s made to the quality of everyone’s lives he’s touched in so many different circles.”

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